Airelles x Hector Saxe - Travelling Backgammon


Velvet leather travel Backgammon


Bring along the Hector Saxe travel backgammon set and enjoy it whenever you like.Its convenient and lightweight size allows for easy packing in your suitcase or bag. Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or dining out, there's no limit to where you can play a game.


- Velvet leather travel backgammon

- Suede and smooth leather interior

- Zippered closure

- Removable smooth leather strap to hold your rolled game

- Handcrafted in France in our Paris workshops

- Delivered in slipcase and gift box

Open backgammon: 51cm x 28cm ; Closed backgammon: 8cm x 28cm
1 kg
Assortment of 30 acetate counters ; 25mm diameter and 0.5mm thick ; 4 resin dice, 14mm ; 16mm metal vido

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