Extra virgin olive oil (175cl)


Airelles extra virgin olive oil


Reserved for lovers of BIG Crushed!

Always in search of new flavours and motivated by the development of unique olive varieties, it is in the heart of the Cretan orchards that our path crossed that of the oldest Greek olive varieties: Athinio and Koroneiki. These varieties flourish in a remarkable land with a Mediterranean climate, a mosaic of soils and reliefs that give them a great organoleptic richness.

Harvested and crushed early according to the quality specifications of the Château d'Estoublon, and in compliance with the Château's environmental procedures, Athinio - Koroneiki olive oil reveals intense and fruity flavours where its strong character flirts with notes of fresh grass, green apple and tomato leaf.

Extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted ; Variety: Athinio-Koroneiki

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